Thank you for choosing Wiley College!

Thank you for your interest in Wiley College.  Wiley is a small, private, church-affiliated institution that cares about its students.  We take pride in our ability to address our students’ needs on a personal level by providing the necessary tools for academic success.  

Our mission is to educate students who are prepared for leadership and service when they graduate.  Service to humankind is encouraged and nurtured at Wiley.  This four-year, liberal arts institution was founded in 1873 by the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Located in Marshall, Texas, we are a faith-based Community of Learners, where scholarship and service go hand-in-hand.

Fourteen degree programs with thirteen concentrations are available within the Divisions of Business and Technology, Education, Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.  Two of these divisions house our Adult Degree Completion programs.   Each program offered is based on a foundation in the liberal arts.  Therefore, our approach to teaching involves creating an environment that challenges students to be imaginative and versatile.  
We invite you to learn more about Wiley College and the educational opportunities available to you.  Please visit the admissions application portlet and complete an on-line application for admission.  After receiving the application packet, your file will be reviewed for admission and eligibility for scholarships.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 903-927-3311 or

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Wiley College Admissions and Recruitment