Overview of the My 1098-T Feature

The My 1098-T feature allows a student or their parents (if given permission) to view 1098-T information that has been accumulated for a given calendar year in preparation for claiming tuition paid as a tax deduction. The feature displays preliminary Financial Aid, charges, and posted transactions, including the student's 1098-T Name, 1098-T Address, and information for each required box on the 1098-T Form.  

A link to Go to my 1098-T Info is displayed to the right of each piece of data. Clicking this link opens the 1098-T Tuition Statement Data screen that shows a detailed list of transactions that were used to calculate information for the specific box from the 1098-T form selected. Each transaction shows a Description, Date that the transaction was applied, the Value of the transaction, and the Term of the transaction.