Student Check-In

At the beginning of each semester, all students who are registered for courses are listed in a Pre-Registered status. Once classes begin, it is expected that each student have a Current status. Submission of this form will identify you as a candidate for Current status. In order to achieve a Current status, you must attain several clearances from Wiley College Business & Enrollment offices prior to beginning your coursework. If not, you may be dropped from your course(s) on the census day deadline. Below are session census day deadlines:

Summer 2020
Classes Census Date: 05/26/2020

Please allow three (3) business days for your status to be updated from Pre-Registered to Current. It is advised that you check your status to ensure that you are Current. To check your status, visit the Student tab in JICS and upload your Student Schedule. The column entitled "Status" on each course will have your status listed. If your status is Pre-Registered and class has started, you need to contact the following offices to request that they clear you in order to ensure your continued enrollment:

Ms. Shawana Hayes

Business Office
Phone: 903.927.3210

Registrar's Office
Mrs. Gloria Mitchell
Phone: 903.927.3304

Financial Aid (counselor assigned by last name)
Mr. Justin Woods
Phone: 903.923.1256

Ms. Kiasha Roach
Phone: 903.927.3387

All Scholarship & Adult Degree Completion Students
Mrs. Corliss Cooper
Phone: 903.927.3380

Information Technology
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